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    New on our website of the autarkier computer.With this calculator you can determine your independence and the yield for your future-proof investment in your own grid-connected power supply with a PV system...

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The Company Akku Gesellschaft was founded more than 20 years ago by Peter Harnisch. Emerging from the former battery manufacturer of industrial batteries "Akkumulatoren Taubenheim (brand AT ®)", we provide our customers with the highest level of innovation, customer satisfaction and quality in terms of batteries and power supply systems of any kind. In the year 1993 we developed the first marketable solar battery under the brand AKKUSOLAR ®.Meanwhile our AKKUSOLAR ® batteries are known worldwide as a high-performance solar battery. The topics accumulators, emergency lighting, UPS and BSV systems, rectifiers and of course off-grid solar systems are the main pillars of our corporate philosophy. Our long experience and know-how of our employees enables a customer-oriented and individual advice and the best possible service for our customers. Our entire range of services from planning through implementation to turnkey handover you get from a single source.

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